lundi 17 mars 2008

Article de Nuke

It's easy being me, Nuke "Trouble" n°6.

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sanae a dit…

Ms Barbara Polla,my name is Sanae Bouab,I was one of the condiadats ofthe election of miss handiculture .I appriciate your support for all the handicap women who they were Ms Dalila's victims .what you don't know about the association that the president and her lawyer use us to collect all the donation that they could get from the sponsers by using the handicap women who they think they could be some thing one day .The truth is the association treat this women like wild animals.I was there I saw every thing very clearly it very sad and disapointing what happend during that week .I was there.Until now ,I'm very deprest how we were treated during the preparations and the election night .we were offered to have sandwishes from a trash black bag........before any election she chooses the winners,she doesn't care about the judges choices........that very very sure about it...I couldn't anderstand her idea of making this election if she doesn't have the character and the knowledge of doing it .She is supported by a wrong person.I had wished from all my heart that if I was living very close to Geneva .I will definitely stop her from all the cheeting from catshing new victims not only handicap women but the spponsers who donate there money to her personally.there're realy so many poeple who fihgt for their life,and need help.please if you need any further information about all this .I will be glad to give it to you.And I'm so happy to read about you ,and trough your article I think I know how kind of to support us.Thanks and GOD Bless.