mercredi 12 janvier 2011

Kris van Assche, Amor o Muerte sur

Kris Van Assche, Amor o Muerte,

"So far, my only resolution for 2011 (at least, among the ones I am likely to hold), is to read more books. And I’m not talking about the kind of escapist chic-lit that I favour for commute, either.

My first book of the year was a gift from Barbara Polla, founder of Alchimie Forever and a woman of many faces, doctor, gallery-owner, art lover and friend of beautiful minds. A chance meeting with wunderkind Kris van Assche is the premise of Kris van Assche – Amor o Muerte, an extraordinary imaginary biography published at L’Age d’Homme.

Weaving its narrative path through scenes lived and dreamed, Barbara fills in the blanks left purposefully -by modesty or mystery – by the creative genius whose unassuming childhood in Londerzeel paved the path towards creative direction of Dior, via Argentina.

I wondered if I would like the book, as I always found biographies to be a bit dry but once started, Amor o Muerte revealed itself to be impossible to put down. I found myself drawn in as by the words, butterfly-kiss touches to paint van Assche’s portrait, born from Barbara’s admiration for the designer. Once finished, it left the bitter-sweetness of a grown-up treat."

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